Be in the flow

by Dubtrak


Be in The Flow is Dubtrak's 4th full-length album. Released in 2015 on psytrance label Mystic Sound Records, it presents Dubtrak's more mellow side, with nine tracks of gentle downtempo beats, soft guitar melodies and lush ambient soundscapes. The colorful textures created on this album let listeners dive deep into dream-like state, generating positive flow of cosmic energy within one's mind.

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released October 27, 2015



Dubtrak Toronto, Ontario

Dubtrak, recording artist and music producer from Toronto, Canada has been delivering his unique blend of dub, global beats and trippy psytrance electronica since 2008.
Dubtrak’s music has been compared to The Orb, Underworld, Banco de Gaia and the like, but with extra organic ingredients, some exotic spices and unexpected twists.
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